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-Palm Springs Aerial Tramway-

Come enjoy an amazing view of California from the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. At the top there are look out spots, and two restaurants to dine and enjoy the view from. Enjoy the beauty and adventure of riding the tram to the top. Come ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.
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-Worlds largest rotating tram car-

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the worlds largest rotating tram car! It travels over two and a half miles along the beautiful Chino Canyon cliff side. The peak elevation at the top of the ride is eighteen thousand five hundred and sixteen feet tall. 

Enjoy the vast and jaw doping scenery of the Chino Canyon. See the peach-colored cliff and mountain side. Start at the foothills of the mountains and work your way up to over eighteen thousand and five hundred feet. 

At the top of the ride you can get off the tram and enjoy the amazing view from look out points. Also enjoy some amazing dining at the top from two different restaurants, the Pines Cafe and Forest View.

The pines cafe is a cafeteria style restaurant and serves lunch and dinner items. They serve pizza, sandwiches, salads and soups. The Forest View restaurant is a waiter server experience with the best view around. 

Come for the food, the view and the whole experience of the largest rotating tram car in the world. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is unlike anything you will ever expression. 
-Awesome reviews about the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway-
"The ride up and back is spectacular with breath taking views and friendly efficient service. Not great if you suffer from vertigo but it's safe and a thrilling ride. A unique and mind blowing construction and the revolving cable car allows wonderful views and a close up of the  microclimates on the assent and decent. Viewing platforms and great hikes along with food services await you at the summit."

- Peri - TripAdvisor
"The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway—the world's largest rotating tram car—travels over two-and-one-half miles along the breathtaking cliffs of Chino Canyon, transporting riders to the pristine wilderness of the Mt. San Jacinto State Park. During your approximately ten-minute journey, tram cars rotate slowly, offering picturesque and spectacular vistas of the valley floor below."

-Gary M. -TripAdvisor
"This was a wonderful experience for us. The Tramway gondolas are huge! Each one can hold maybe 30 persons! And it rotates like a turntable on its long and high way up to the top. What is more, it also plays rock and pop music from the 70s and 80s! What more could you ask for? :-) it IS cold at the top - so please carry warm clothes with you. There are spectacular views from the top of the valley, of other peaks, and of Palm Springs itself. Lovely to behold."
- Vixabs -TripAdvisor